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Terms and Conditions









Imagination Hobby & Collection



Imagination Hobby & Collection called afterward as « IHC » .






The Customer



The person who has bought one or many Products called afterward as « the Customer ».









One or more Products that are bought by the Customer are called afterward « the Product or Products».






The Package



The whole of Products inside a standard means to be transported by a Carrier is called afterward « the Package».






The Carrier



The company that does the transport of the Package is called afterward the « Carrier ».






The Internet site of IHC is called afterward the « the Website ».



Purchasing on the Website



When the Customer accept the transaction within the Website’s cart, the Customer is bound by a legal contract with IHC in order to buy the Product(s) from IHC. In exchange of the transfer of funds between the Customer and IHC, IHC will send the Product to the Customer via the services of a Carrier. This legal contract can be void to the discretion of IHC; in that case IHC will refund the money to the Customer with the same means of payment (credit card, Paypal etc.) if the Products are in the possession of IHC or if they are return to IHC. IHC has the rights to keep the value for shipping fees, insurances, etc.






The Customer can use IHC’Website only if he accept the terms and conditions within this document. Once the Customer has access of IHC’s Website it implies that he has knowledgeably accept all Terms and Conditions within this document. If the Customer does not accept the Terms and Conditions or if he choose not to respect them, the Cutomer must cease the to use the IHC’s Website.






IHC can modify the Terms and Conditions herein, the information that reside on IHC’s Website including descriptions and specifications of Products or price and without notice to its Customer. For each purchase, the Customer is obliged to read all Terms and Conditions  because they are an integrated part of the transaction between IHC and the Customer.














IHC use the 128 bits encryption for the capture of credit cards and use the secure services of Paypal for the payment of real time purchases with credit cards or Customer’s Paypal account.






The Customer must use a user name and a password in order to access the site and purchase Product. Therefore, the Customer must keep his information confidential and should never disclose them to another person. The password should have letters and numbers and must not be something easily found like by thieves. The Customer should not use the name of its children, parents, address, date of birth, etc. All this without limiting itself to this list.






In the case where the Customer has reason to believe that his password is compromised, the Customer must change it immediately.






The Customer is responsable of his purchasing done with his user name and secret password. The Customer must use IHC’s Website only with his user name and password and must not use someone else. Therefore the Customer must not give, sell or loan his user name and password to anyone. The Customer must not let anyone, by direct or indirect means, to use his user id and password. .












IHC will not disclose any information that it has receive from the Customer like is name, address, email and phone number of his Customer. IHC will not disclose those information to any outside parties for publicity purpose. IHC Customers can be assured that none of the Customers information will be disclose for sollicitation purpose to third parties.






No solicitation will be done by IHC; however the Customer may choose to receive information through email, email newsletters. The Customer car remove himself from the list at anytime.






It is important to note that IHC can disclose information regarding the Customer to a government agency where the law forces us to (request from government agency that deals with tax, law enforcement dealing with a fraud request, etc.) or when there is a problematic situation with postal services, Carrier, banks, etc.) only to resolve the situation when the Customer request to resolve the matter.















The IHC logo use the Captain America shield symbol from Marvel Entertainement inc.



IHC logo use the Captain america shield from Marvel Entertainement inc.. We are gratefull to the Director of intellectual property of Marvel Entertainement inc. to have given us the permission to use the Captain America’s shield in IHC logo.






All other trademarks, copyrights, Product’s name, company’s name or logo used on IHC’s Website are the properties of their rightful owners and are used only in order to promote their Products. IHC does not want to take over the rights of those trademarks or copyrights.






IHC’s Website is own and operated by IHC. No one beside IHC’s personnel has the right to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, show, publish, reproduce, rent, sold, to create from the content of the information, documents, images, Products and services or software that are on IHC’S Website.






The content (text, images, documents, etc.) that can be found on IHC’S Website are protected by copyrights laws and are the property of IHC.















The Products are in stock, new and sealed or Packaged unless otherwise specify. The vintage Products are qualified to the best of IHC knowledge by taking into account the age and scarcity of the Product.






The used Products will be clearly identified and qualified to the best of IHC knowledge. Recent pictures will be available on the Website.



 Some Products like statues, busts and fragile Products will be inspected at reception to make sure that they are in good condition. In such case, the boxes will be open and not sealed, there will be a mention inside the Package or on the invoice to advise the Customer that the box was inspected.



 IHC will make all reasonable efforts in order to make sure that the Product and the packaging are in good condition. IHC knows that collectors put special attention to the packaging of the Products. IHC will do its best to protect the Products for the shipping by the Carrier but IHC can not be held responsible if the Package is damaged during transit. The Customer takes full responsibility of the Product’s condition during the transport. IHC highly recommend that the Customer takes the Carrier’s insurance to cover damages or the lost of the Products.



 IHC offer Products on preorder. Those are clearly identified in the “PREORDER” section. The date of availability is approximate and IHC can not be held responsible if the Products are not available by the suppliers by the announced date or if the supplier decided not to offer the Products.



 IHC will not charge the Customer’s credit card on preorder  Products until those are available for shipping to the Customer. An email will be sent to the Customer telling him that the Products are available. IHC assume that the Customer still wants the Products if no response for the Customer is received, within 48 hours, saying that he does not want the Product anymore. The Products will be charged and sent to the Customer after the 48 hours following the dispatch of the Email. In the case where the payment is declined, an email will be sent to the Customer advising him that the transaction was not successful. If no answer is received within 48 hours, the Products will be put back in inventory.



 Furthermore, IHC can refuse to sell one or many Products on preorder to a Customer who has commited to buy a preorder Product without completing the transaction once the Product is ready to be shipped.



 In some instances and only at the discretion of IHC, a non refundable deposit may be requested for Products on preorder.






 All prices are in Canadian dollars and exclude all applicable taxes. The taxes will be applied in accordance with Canadian provincial and federal taxes when the Customer resides in Canada.



 The Customer is responsible for all costs in regards to shipping fees, duty, taxes and customs fees and all other cost.









 IHC accept payment by credit card (Visa, Master Card and American Express). IHC accept also credit card payment with Paypal or a Paypal account.



 Postal money orders are accepted. The postal money order must be received within 14 days following the confirmation by the Customer to buy the Products. If the Money order is not received within the 14 days then the Products are returned to the inventory. The Products will be shipped as soon as the transfer of funds did occur. You must anticipate at least 14 business days before the funds are transferred and it may be more in some countries. IHC offer Cash on delivery (COD) by Canada post in some countries.









 IHC use the services of Canada post and Fedex as official Carrier. Depending on the chosen Carrier and type of shipping, you will clearly see in the cart an indication as what to expect as delay for the Carrier.



 IHC will do its best to ship the Package no later than 7 days after the Customer purchase the Products. In order to minimize operations cost and to keep low cost to Customers, IHC will send Packages on Sundays and Mondays of each week. The Carrier delays are shown when the order is place and it is possible for the Customer to see the approximated amount for shipping according to the Customer’s destination.



 The shipping charge include, without limitations, the handling and shipping supplies.



 IHC will make the best efforts to supply the Customer with a tracking number of the Carrier. This number may not work in all countries. The Customer may ask IHC if his country has tracking capabilities.



 The Customer must assume that when the purchases are done outside of a country beside Canada that it is possible that the border services of the Customer Product may open,  verify and handle the Package and the Products. IHC can not be held responsible to what happen during those events and the Customer take full responsibility of what happens during those events. Furthermore, this can also add up with additionnal shipping delay. Unless otherwise specified by the Customer, IHC will show a detail description of the Product and the real cost of the Package. In the case of the Customer ask that the above be change the the Customer takes full responsibility for the valued declared in case the Package is lost.









 Only and only if the Customer took a transport insurance for the Product and that the Product is partially or fully damaged or lost during shipping, IHC will initiate the process with the Carrier in order to get a partial or full refund. When the Carrier will have completed his usual verifications and that he has accepted to refund the value of the Package, IHC will then send the same Product to the Customer only if it has the Product in stock. If the Product is not in stock then un refund will be issued to the Customer.









 IHC will refund the Product if the Product is not as described on the Website and that the Product is return without damage and that the packaginof the Product is in its original format and not damaged and not open. The shipping fees and insurance cost can not be refunded.



All deposit on pre-order are non refundable. Cancelation of a preorder or an existing order will incur a 20% fee of the total cost of the order IF IHC agree to cancel the order.


IHC can refuse a customer to its loyalty program for any reasons one of which can be cancelation of preo-order product(s) or lay away product(s) or failure to come and pick up a lay away product(s) within 60 days.



All shipping fees for an items that have been send and cancel by the Customer is at the Customer's expense for the return trip to IHC (unless the product is the wrong one).



 If the Customer has received a Product that does not fit the description as shown on the Website, the Customer must contact IHC within 10 days at this email address: or contact IHC by phone at (514) 234-8787 in order to resolve the situation.



If the Product is damaged then the Customer must contact IHC within 10 days at this email address: or contact IHC by phone at (514) 234-8787 in order to resolve the situation.



The Customer must describe the problem and once the situation is validated and accepted by IHC, a return code will be given to the Customer for the shipping of the damaged Product. IHC will supply a an expedition form by email.



The Customer is responsible of the shipping fees that are generated to ship back the damaged Product.



In all cases of return, the Customer must return the packaging of the Product, the Product, the accessories and all items. The Product must be complete and if it is not the case, the refund can be void.



No return will be accepted if the Customer did not get in contact with IHC to get a retrun code..















In a case where the Customer is not satisfied, he can contact IHC anytime at this email address: or by phone at (514) 234-8787 or at the physical address:






Imagination Hobby & Collection inc.



C/O : Service



13844  Prince-Arthur Street



Montréal (Québec)



Canada H1A 4P6






The Customer will receive an answer within a 48 delay following the reception (opening) of the message by IHC.






IHC is very concern by his Customer’s satisfaction and will do its best to satisfy his Customers.