Corona virus covid-19 measures in place

We are OPEN to the public NO NEED to book a visit during our regular business hours! Just come and visit us!

July 18: Wearing a mandatory mask in stores as required by law otherwise traders are exposed to almonds of up to $ 6,000!

Don't you have a mask? We offer them at a cost of $ 2* !

Hi to everyone. Everyone is struggling with this new reality that is changing by the hours. At Imagination Hobby we want to serve our customers to the best of our ability. We encourage people to stay home but we get calls, emails, text messages asking us if we are open. So as of now we are OPEN to the public.

But we want to protect our customers and the people working at our store.

So as of now, here are the measures we are putting in place:

  • All doors, counters, POS machine are disinfected may times a day and after each customer that leaves.
  • All customer and staff will keep a minimum distance of 1 to 2 meters
  • We can still serve you thru Facetime, Messenger Video or get you the product that you want, do a remote payment and then leave the products at the store front door for you to pick up or better yet, we would recommend that you stay home and we will ship the products to you!

It is also possible for you to stay either home, outside the store and we can do a

Facetime at or

Messenger video at Facebook Daniel Boyer

with you and showing you the store during business hours of the store. Once you find something that you like, you could pay with a credit card, Interac Money transfer, Paypal and once the payment is done, we could leave the product outside the door of the store so there is no contact.

You can also do an online order or by phone like in the good old days where there was no internet. Just call us anytime and we will help you with your order. If we cannot pick up, leave a message and we will get back to you.

We have talked to customers over the past few days and the one that has place orders or talk to us about the hobby are saying that they do it to change their minds with the crazy times.

We want to keep serving you as best as possible and as secure as possible. We encourage online and phone order as much as possible. As thing stand, we need to do the inventory so we will be at the store during our regular business hours and we can do a Facetime, Messenger video and then go and get the products the customer need and do a remote payment system (credit card, Interac money transfer, Paypal, etc.)

  • We will still accept cash until otherwise.
  • We will answers any question that you may have.
  • We want to thank all of you that encourage local business like us in those crazy times. We will not forget our good customers!

This page will be updated if things change.

Thanks and we hope that you and your family will be safe!

The Team at Imagination hobby

Tel: 514 234-8787

*One mask per person. Sold during your visit. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the mask but you will have a face cover as required by law. Until stocks are exhausted.