Imagination hobby's first blog post

Imagination hobby's first blog post

Wow 2019 ! We started our business in 2007. 12 years now and i remember that the owner of another store at the time told me: "that's ok, a lot of my customers want to start a store and they cannot last one year!" Well that was the thing that drove us to continue. We are now in our 12th years and they are now closed. But don't get me wrong, we strive, every day with every customer,  to do our best and to offer an outstanding service as we know that the only way we are still in business is because of our customers. We are collectors first and foremost so we understand our customers.

2019 will be an exciting year as we have launch on November 1st 2018 a new website. We are still sorting out little issues here and there but new functions will be offered over time. Here are some of the feature you will find now and over the next few weeks:

  1. Better home page with feature products.
  2. Easy way to see if products are in PREORDER, PRESOLDOUT, IN STOCK or OUT OF STOCK.
  3. Many ways to find the products you want with a better search engine, better categories, by brands.
  4. Video of the week and video to help you.
  5. A zone to give you news and tip like"10 reasons to do business with us".
  6. A new blog.
  7. An image gallery to showcase collections of people and interesting videos.
  8. A possibility to preorder products with a deposit and if you are a VIP then no deposit is required.
  9. Better shipping quote with DHL for outside Canada.
  10. You can now pay Online in direct either with Paypal or your credit card.
  11. You can now pay by Interac Email Money Transfert
  12. You can choose the number of payments you would like to pay your collectibles.
  13. We now offer a financing option up to 36 months at a lower interest rate than most credit cards.
  14. We still offer layaway plans
  15. The Loyalty program is still in effects (4% before taxes and shipping) and all your points, invoices and history was transfert.
  16. Note: in order to access your account you now must use your EMAIL.

With all those new features we are set to connect with our customers and our fans in 2019 in ways it was not possible before. 

We also have a new line of products: 

  1. Comics and Comics supplies at a very competitive prices. The loyalty program applies to these as well
  2. Games-Workshop products, paint and modelling supplies that you can use for the Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar and even if you want to build diorama or do customization of your 1:6 collectibles or Statues. 

So 2019 is a new exciting year - just watch !