Megatron 24,5 inch Statue PCS Collectibles 903817

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Imagination Hobby et Collection offers you: Megatron 24,5 inch Statue PCS Collectibles 903817

Everything I touch is food for my hunger. My hunger for power!

Sideshow and PCS Collectibles present the Megatron G1 Museum Scale Statue.

The Megatron G1 Museum Scale Statue measures 24.5” tall, as the ruthless robotic leader stands on top of a Cybertronian environmental base complete with the Decepticon insignia. Aiming his fusion cannon, Megatron is ready to tackle the Autobot insurgents that stand in his way.

Megatron features an incredibly unique paint application, meticulously designed to capture the iconic animated appearance of the Generation 1 Transformers. The Megatron G1 Museum Scale Statue is detailed in grey and black tones with red accents to evoke the classic two-dimensional artwork in a three-dimensional form.

Conquer your Transformers collection with the Megatron G1 Museum Scale Statue from PCS Collectibles today!

Product Size:

24.5" H (622.3mm) x 20" W (508mm) x 18" L (457.2mm) - estimate values