One of the top best customs company in the world

Now they have their own store

One of the top best customs company in the world

I have been following their work on various sites since a few years back. I just love the feel of what he is making. It is mostly post-apocalyptic sci-fi. The figures looks like they have seen action and are dirty.

Each of them are unique and are inspired by movies and he is using actual action figures parts.

I envy this guy as he is creating art. He as a lot of talent and i wish him all the best.

Please keep in mind that the figures are expensive but you have to consider that they are unique and there is a lot of time to create each project. I don't know how he does it and with all artist that live off their you can give up your creation when you know that you can hardly ever produce two of a kind.

If i would be a multi-millionaire, this guy would live in my basement to produce one of the coolest collection of 1/6 ever !

You can visit his website

And you can view his past work at what i call MASTERWORK ! You will see a bit of behind the scene and the step by step process of his amazing works!

Masterworks 1

Masterworks 2

Masterworks 3

Masterworks 4