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Antique Toys

We buy and sell antique toys (Dinky Toys, Corgi, toy soldiers, etc.). Contact us!

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Dinky Toy (GB) 666 Corporal missile launcher

CODE: 011000002772

Our price : 300.00$ CDN

10 days

List price: 345.00$ CDN
You save: 45.00$ CDN (13%)
300 points
12 points
Model condition: almost mint (few paint chips; instruction sheet missing) Box condition: good, complete but one teared flap, comes with insert, traces of tape on box cover

Dinky Toy (GB) 690 Scorpion tank

CODE: 011000002765

Our price : 120.00$ CDN

10 days

List price: 134.99$ CDN
You save: 14.99$ CDN (11%)
120 points
5 points
Model condition: mint (comes with shells and camouflage net) Box type: cardboard window box Box condition: very good