Virtual tour of our store (May 30th 2020)

At Imagination Hobby, we strive to innovate so that you have the best customer experience possible.

We now have the means to update our Store Virtual tour so that you can see our products in a different means when you are online. Most store and us too, can showcase their products tru an online catalog.

But as of now, you can browse our products like if you are in the store. There is GREEN DOT everywhere that will either direct you to the product so that you can check the price, description and even buy it.

There is GRAY DOT that will direct you to the category of the products so that you can browse even better.

There is also YELLOW DOT that will give you information and even RED DOT that play video of the product itself in order to give you a taste of what the product is all about as pictures does not always give full credit on a collectibles.

You can view a 3D model called the "doll house effect" where it show you the layout of the store