The Team at Imagination Hobby

We started with the three original owners and you can't have a successful business without help. Since 2007, we have come across incredible individuals that now form our team. Lets meet who is Imagination Hobby !
Daniel Boyer. Owner. Collecting (and playing) since he was 10 years old. So that is more than 40 years of collecting. Loves all horror, science-fiction and action movies and their collectibles. He is the source of knowledge in the 1/6 figures and premium format. He handle the order with Sideshow and Hot Toys. He collects diecast, action figures, 12 inches, military, fantasy figures and premium format. He is the people person of the store. He handles customer services, communication and technologies.
Denis Guérette. Owner. Collecting since he was 8 years old. More than 40 years of collecting. Loves Comics, Super heroes, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He also has a crazy love for Elvis. He is the guy for everything that is Marvel, DC and Star Wars. He handles all Hasbro and Diamond Comics orders. He collects comics, Action Figures and premium format. He is a man of few words but he is the methodical man of the store. He handles all the book keeping and try to keep the store neat despite’s Daniel efforts!
Serge Pozzo Di Borgo. Owner. He stepped in when one of the original owner bailed. He has been collecting Diecast for more than 35 years. He is the source of knowledge of Diecast for our store. He enters all the nice products that you see on our website.
Gabryel Barlati. Logistical support and salesman. We met him in a trade show. He then made our dream come true, singlely building our store and then later one, helping us making Montreal Comic Con a success each year. His love for Star Wars but mostly Boba Fett and The Mandalorian is legendary. He owns all 1:6 scale figures of boba Fett and many more Star Wars figures. He wants to build a 1/6 scale Jabba’s palace. You will often see him at the store on Saturdays
Daniel Ouellette. Customer support. He has little to no knowledge of the geek culture but what he lacks in that field, he makes up with is customer service and his smile. Always happy, he makes it possible for us to stay open when we have personnel issues
Patrick Farley. Customer support. Rookie, He has joined the team in 2021 on and off. He is now a permanent member of the team. He loves action figures, Star Wars universe. He will help you at the store and will expedite your parcel.
Sylvie Choquette.Logistical and moral support. In the very beginnings of the company, she worked in the shadows for a few years to create the products found on the site. Just like Robin for Batman, she accompanies Daniel in the many deliveries on evenings and weekends.