What's in it for you

10 reasons to do business with us
  1. Imagination Hobby et Collection is owned and operated by three fellow collectors dedicated to this passionate hobby like you!
  2. We are an authorised dealer so we receive products straight from manufacturers and distributors – you are not buying in a garage sale! And no counterfeit products!
  3. Reward program: get 4% in redeemable points on most of your purchases (based on price before taxes)
  4. Layaway plan available (item can be set aside for a limited time with a non-refundable deposit - see details in store or contact us at 514-234-8787)
  5. Pre-orders available on most of upcoming products – you are sure to get your collectibles!
  6. Many easy payment methods (cash, debit card, credit card, Paypal, prepaid card, Interac credit transfer, Paybright, US money)
  7. Every product we ship is carefully packed
  8. Looking for something unusual or discontinued? We will help you!
  9. You want to sell your collection (single item or a whole collection)? Contact us!
  10. Consignment available in store – contact us!