10 reasons to do business with us

1- We are three collectors with more than 40 years each of experience in collecting like action figures, statues and busts, diecast miniatures cars, comics, super heroes, action movies, science-fiction and horror. Come and visit us at the store on Thursdays and Fridays from 11 AM to 9PM and Satrudays from 10AM to 5 PM.

2- We like helping collectors finding the products you might seek. We are thriving to give you the best experience before, during and after your purchases with us.

3- We have a loyalty program. You accumulate 4% of your purchases before taxes on the products of the store. You can therefore apply these points on your future purchases. For example, you buy two products at $ 50, you get 4 points that are actually $ 4 that you can apply on your next purchases or accumulate them.

4- We have flexible layaway plans. Do you find something that interests you? It is possible to give a deposit and we can keep it for you for a fixed period of time and agreed with you.

5- It is possible to pre-order your products so you do not miss them. Just give a deposit and your products will be ordered from the suppliers and we will contact you when they are available.

6- We accept several payment methods. Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Paypal, Prepaid Card, Interac Credit Transfer, COD, US Money. We can take payments in store or remotely (Internet or phone order).

7- We are direct with the manufacturers. This allows you to have your products by saving on shipping and customs charges.

8-We have all seen videos on Youtube and Facebook delivery people who throw the boxes! We receive our fragile products such as statues, busts and Hot Toys and Sideshow figures on transport pallets. This has the advantage that our products are not damaged during transport to Imagination Hobby.

9- We ship our products across the planet, we use a box to put the Hot Toys with their transport box to protect them as much as possible. In addition, tracking codes are used.

10- We sell but also make exchanges and we can purchase your products! In case we do not agree on a price or an exchange, we can also offer you consignment. The consignment is easy: you say the price you want, we make a contract and sell your product with a small supplement which is our commission. In this way, your products are exposed to collectors without you having any worries. Once your products are sold, we will contact you and give you your money.