Imagination Hobby et Collection offers you: Bitten: Jackson 1:6 Scale Figure Asmus Collectible Toys 911825

Sideshow and Asmus Collectible Toys present the Bitten: Jackson Sixth Scale Figure.

In the year 2031, a deadly virus sweeps through the world and turning the living souls into what is known as ZMOBIES. In just the matter of months, 90% of the human populations are infected, annihilate the lifestyle that we know, and crush the world into ruins of horror.

10 years later, survivor Dr. Lien Joie, who has been in deep research for the vaccine of the virus, set out to the journey to find the origin of this disaster.

At his visit to New York city, there is a walking zombie whose hand was cuffed to a brief case, could this suspicious zombie be the key to this mystery?

Product Size:
11.02" H (279.91mm)


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