Coal Dog - Jump Snowman 6-inch Action Figure Damtoys 911667

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Imagination Hobby et Collection offers you: Coal Dog - Jump Snowman 6-inch Action Figure Damtoys 911667

The empty city

Peaceful and silent

Jump Snowman and his cat wandering in the city

Searching for an unopen can

Jumping from the rooftop to the signal tower

The wind rubbing his rusty head

Leaving behind a parabola trace in the sky

Damtoys and Coal Dog are excited to bring you this Jump Snowman Action Figure! This figure was designed by famous Japanese illustrator and toy designer, Mr. Kow Yokoyama. Jump Snowman stands 6 inches tall and comes with several accessories.

Don't miss your chance to add this beautiful figure to your collection today!

Product Size:
6" H (152.4mm)