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Hawkgirl Premium Format™ Figure Sideshow Collectibles 300504

UPC code: 747720240209

Imagination Hobby et Collection offers you: Hawkgirl Premium Format™ Figure Sideshow Collectibles 300504

“Taste the mace!”

Sideshow presents the Hawkgirl Premium Format™ Figure, flying into our league of DC Comics collectibles.

The Hawkgirl Premium Format™ Figure measures 22” tall as the avian heroine soars over an Egyptian temple themed base with the crumbling head of a hawk idol. With her wings spread wide, the legendary fighter takes flight to deliver justice with a swing of her mystical Nth metal mace.

The polyresin Hawkgirl Premium Format™ Figure features a fully sculpted costume in her signature green, yellow, and red colors, complete with a utility belt, spiked arm guards, and a bird-symbol belt buckle at her waist. The costume is sculpted with realistic fabric-like creases designed to mimic the movement of fabric in this extremely dynamic statue. Hawkgirl’s feathered wings are highly detailed, textured from top to bottom to capture the majesty and might of the Thanagarian heroine, and her iconic helmeted portrait captures the righteous fury of the flying warrior woman.

Take your collection to new heights with the Hawkgirl Premium Format™ Figure today!

Dimensions: 22" Hauteur (558.8mm) x 20" Largeur (508mm) x 8" Longueur (203.2mm)*

Weight: 10 lbs (4.54 kg)*

*: approximate values


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