Jean Grey Premium Format Figure Sideshow Collectibles 300729

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Imagination Hobby & Collection presents: Jean Grey Premium Format Figure Sideshow Collectibles 300729

“I’m not afraid to die for what I believe in. Are you?”

Sideshow presents the Jean Grey Premium Format™ Figure, making her way into the X-Men Collection.

The Jean Grey Premium Format Figure measures 21” tall as the mentally-gifted mutant hovers over a snowy landscape base. Pink tendrils of her telekinetic power rise from the ground, lifting rocks and holding the graceful heroine aloft as she aids her fellow X-Men in battle.

The Jean Grey Premium Format Figure features an entirely sculpted costume, inspired by her 90s era X-Men Gold team uniform. Jean has a sculpted yellow and blue bodysuit with detailed paneling and raised elements, along with blue gauntlets, shoulder pads, and an open cowl. At her waist, Jean Grey wears a red and black X-Men insignia buckle to complete her classic look, while her signature red hair flows dramatically behind her.

Pair Jean Grey with other notable members of Sideshow’s X-Men Collection, including Wolverine, Mystique, and Emma Frost, and unleash the ultimate mutant lineup in your Marvel collection.

Take home this legendary telepath and order the Jean Grey Premium Format™ Figure for your universe of Marvel collectibles today!


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