Neon Tech War Machine Hall of Armor Diorama Hot Toys 905462

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Imagination Hobby et Collection offers you: Neon Tech War Machine Hall of Armor Diorama Hot Toys 905462

War Machine has proven to be one of the most insanely powerful pieces of technology across the entire Marvel universe! Sideshow and Hot Toys are excited in presenting an all-new Miniature Collectible of Neon Tech War Machine Hall of Armor!

Inspired by the authentic design of Iron Man Hall of Armor in Iron Man 2, Hot Toys team has reimagined the Hall of Armor to accommodate the heavily armored War Machine in miniature size with remarkable details and neon geometric arrangements. Featuring a black and orange colored suit of armors and Hall of Armor with luminous reflective patterns, the LED light-up collectible can be interconnected to form a truly unique set-up.

This distinctive-looking collectible is another brilliant item to show off your Marvel passion!

Dimensions: 4.72" Hauteur (119.89mm) 3.34" Largeur (84.84mm)


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