Peter Sellers (L’Inspecteur Edition) 1:6 Scale Figure Infinite Statue 908178

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Imagination Hobby et Collection offers you: Peter Sellers (L’Inspecteur Edition) 1:6 Scale Figure Infinite Statue 908178

Infinite Statue and Kaustic Plastik present: Peter Sellers L’Inspecteur Edition!

Absolute genius of comedy and impersonations, Peter Sellers is the great English actor who has gifted us with some of the funniest gags of all time with his unmistakable style. Unforgettable as the clumsy Inspecteur Jacques Clouseau in Blake Edwards' films, Peter Sellers is now starring for Infinite Statue and Kaustic Plastik in a new series of action figures that inaugurate the Action! Deluxe Figure. Each version of Peter Sellers is 1:6 scale, adjustable and made with meticulous care and attention to give the figure realism and likeness, starting from his comic expression of the eyes, the texture of the clothes, to the objects and accessories, all unmistakable features of the famous French Inspector.

Product Size: 11.8" H (299.72mm)*

Product Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)*

* approx. values