Ray Stantz statue 10-inch Chronicle Collectibles 904822

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Imagination Hobby et Collection presents: Ray Stantz statue 10-inch Chronicle Collectibles 904822.

Sideshow and Chronicle Collectibles proudly present the Ray Stantz statue, part of a new line of collectibles from The Real Ghostbusters animated series!

High atop the Shandor Building, accompanied by the cheers and cries of the people of New York City, The Ghostbusters triumphed over the foul Gozer the Gozarian. But while Mr. Stay Puft is toast, the spiritual incursions from the ethereal realm continue unabated. And so, operating from their converted fire station, armed with their trusty proton packs, and with the support of Janine Melnitz and a reformed Slimer, the Ghostbusters continue with business as usual.

Dr. Ray Stantz provides the middle ground between Venkman’s brash irreverence and the high-minded intellectualism of Egon. He’s the team’s engineer, transforming Egon’s theories into something tangible that the team can use in their work. His childlike demeanor makes him a bit awkward in most social situations. But if you’re looking for an unlicensed nuclear accelerator that can effectively combat a four-fold cross rip, Stantz is your guy.