Souichi 1:6 Scale Resin Statue Animegami Studios 909822

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Imagination Hobby et Collection offers you: Souichi 1:6 Scale Resin Statue Animegami Studios 909822

Creepy schoolboy Souichi Tsuji loves to use his mischievous curses to torment anyone he doesn't like -and dares to mess with his self-perception of superiority- especially his schoolmates and teachers. However, Souichi's black magic antics seem to backfire and end up embarrassing him more often than not. Is he goofy? Annoying? Probably both but one thing's for sure: Souichi's one of the most famous characters ever created by Junji Ito.

Our piece is inspired by key moments during Souichi's introductory story, referencing his black magic practices such as its unfortunate target -Kuroda!- , his various dolls, and of course, by sporting his more iconic look as he holds his trusty hammer while chewing on his nails. All of it is topped off with LED candles for that pop of atmospheric creepiness. Are you ready to turn off the lights?

A full-length episode can be streamed on the Licensor website Crunchyroll.

Product Size:
10.2" H (259.08mm)