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Star Wars Captain Han Solo (brown jacket) Hoth Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Exclusive Sixth Scale Figure Sideshow Collectibles 21341

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"I'll take a good fight any day over all this hidin' and freezin'!" From Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, relive your favorite moments leading up to the Battle of Hoth with the Sideshow Collectibles Captain Han Solo - Hoth Sixth Scale Figure. On the run and with a price on his head, the intergalactic smuggler Han Solo joins the Rebel Alliance at their remote secret location on Hoth, Echo Base. Dressed for the planet's notorious sub-zero climate, Solo is fitted in an authentically replicated brown quilted parka, complete with rank insignia and fur-trimmed hood. Two scarves, a cap and goggles frame the scoundrel's lifelike portrait, which perfectly captures actor Harrison Ford in the role that made him a star. Though hiding and freezing on the wretched ice cube doesn't sit well with the smuggler's disposition, when Rebel Commander Luke Skywalker goes missing during a routine patrol, Solo has no choice but to leap onto the back of an ill-fated tauntaun and go out after him. Fully equipped with a blaster pistol, macrobinoculars, droid caller, and portable life scanner, he's willing to risk everything on a rescue mission to find his friend and save the day.Exclusive includes : Detailed Portrait without headgear.


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