Ultraman Suit Tiga 1:6 Scale Figure Threezero 908058

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Imagination Hobby et Collection offers you: Ultraman Suit Tiga 1:6 Scale Figure Threezero 908058

Sideshow and Threezero are proud to present the Ultraman Suit Tiga Sixth Scale Figure.

Ultraman continues to expand from manga into anime and games, and now from the new world of the "ULTRAMAN SUIT ANOTHER UNIVERSE" project, Ultraman Suit Tiga has been made into a 1/6th scale articulated figure!

This sixth scale collectible stands approximately 12.4” tall and is a fully-articulated figure with over 47 points of articulation. Ultraman Suit Tiga has a detailed paint application and is constructed partially of die-cast zinc alloy and other metal parts. There are light-up features installed at the eyes, Tiga Crystal on the forehead, and the Color Timer at the chest. Original weapons specially designed for this figure include the "Spark Lens Blade" sword, "GUTS Hyper Custom" handgun, carbine conversion parts attachment to convert the GUTS Hyper Custom into a rifle, and "GUTS Submachine Gun." The GUTS Hyper Custom, carbine conversion parts, and GUTS Submachine Gun can be combined to form a huge weapon "Slam Dunk." The figure also includes 5 pairs of interchangeable hands, which are 1 pair of fists, 1 pair of opened hands, 1 pair for holding Spark Lens Blade, 1 pair to hold guns, and 1 pair for Zeperion Beam shooting pose.

Product Size: 12.4" H (314.96mm) * approx. values