Critical Role - Caduceus Clay Mighty Nein Statues Sideshow Collectibles 200623

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Imagination Hobby et Collection offers you: Critical Role - Caduceus Clay Mighty Nein Statues Sideshow Collectibles 200623

“Pain doesn't make people; it's love that makes people. The pain is inconsequential; it's love that saves them.”

Sideshow presents the Caduceus Clay – Mighty Nein Statue, sharing his calming presence with the growing garden of statues in the officially licensed Critical Role collection. This contemplative collectible measures 15.5” tall and is fully sculpted as a three-dimensional tribute to the team’s insightful healer.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and settle in for some homespun wisdom with Caduceus Clay, the sagacious fey giant and devout worshiper of the Wildmother. As a gardener and graveyard caretaker, he is intimately in tune with the cycle of life and death as he accompanies the Mighty Nein after unspeakable tragedy befalls the team. Sideshow’s Caduceus Clay – Mighty Nein Statue wears his mid-campaign costume, which consists of a beetle chitin breastplate, a dark green shirt and pants, a purple coat, purple gloves, and purple and pink boots. He clutches the Blightstaff in one hand and his shield in the other, representing his role as both a protector and dealer of divine punishment to those who abjure the natural order. Caduceus’ entire outfit is dotted with pink lichen, as he carries his connection to the wilderness wherever he roams.

The Caduceus Clay – Mighty Nein Statue stands on a hexagonal faux-stone figure base engraved with the Mighty Nein monogram, complementing his other teammates in the collection. His detailed design is finished with accents like dragonfly silk sleeves, a pink mohawk and spiral-patterned undercut, and an iridescent horned beetle resting on his outstretched finger. Pair Caduceus with his adventuring companions like Beauregard "Beau" Lionett, Fjord Stone, and fellow healer Jester Lavorre to create a found family of Critical Role collectibles on your shelf.

It's always worth making friends, no matter where you are. Recruit a new ally for your collection and bring home the Caduceus Clay – Mighty Nein Statue today.

Materials: polystone

Product Size:
15.25" H (387.35mm) x 7.5" W (190.5mm) x 8" L (203.2mm)

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