5 Ways to Preserve the Value of Your Figure Collection

A practical guide

When it comes to preserving valuable collectible figurines, here are five important things to consider:

  1. Original packaging intact: Carefully keep the original packaging, including all boxes, certificates of authenticity and accessories. For collectible figures costing over $300 USD, original packaging is often crucial to maintaining their value.
  2. Controlled environment: Store your figurines in a dry, temperature-controlled location out of direct sunlight. Temperature fluctuations and humidity can damage figurine materials and paints.
  3. Careful handling: Handle the figures with care to avoid bumps and drops. Use clean cotton gloves to avoid transferring oils from the skin which could damage delicate materials.
  4. Regular and gentle cleaning: Clean the figures regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage paint or other finishes.
  5. Insurance and Documentation: Insure your valuable collectible figurines against theft, accidental damage or other risks. Also keep detailed documentation of your collection, including purchase receipts, certificates of authenticity and photos to facilitate a possible insurance claim.


By following these tips, you can ensure optimal preservation of your collection of treasured movie figures, allowing you to fully appreciate them while preserving their value over time.

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