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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Constable Odo 1:6 Scale Figure EXO-6 (912889)

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Imagination Hobby et Collection offers you: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Constable Odo 1:6 Scale Figure EXO-6 (912889)

Sideshow and EXO-6 present the Constable Odo Sixth Scale Figure.

"Just because we don't understand a life form doesn't mean that we can destroy it."

The mysterious Odo was a shapeshifter who had been recruited by the Cardassians as the only law officer on the space station Terek Nor, which later became Deep Space 9. Odo remained the Constable when the Federation took over and worked closely with Commander Sisko and Bajoran Major Kira to keep things running smoothly on the station. Later it was revealed that Odo was one of the all-powerful Founders who ruled the Gamma Quadrant with an iron fist. His conflict between his ties to his friends on Deep Space 9 and his need to know where he came from was one of the more compelling plotlines of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Odo is now the latest in EXO-6’s DS9 collection and is outfitted in his later seasons’ Bajoran security uniform. As a shapeshifter Odo must return to liquid form once a day and the bucket he used also comes with the figure.  A half transformed Odo in his liquid state also accompanies the figure as well as a PADD, tricorder and multiple hands.

This 1:6-scale figure re-creates this iconic character in exquisite 1:6 detail. Standing approximately 11.5 inches tall, no detail was spared in reproducing his outfit and accessories as authentically as possible. The original portrait of Rene Auberjonois as Odo is expertly sculpted with an accurate likeness to the actor in full make-up.

This fine Star Trek collectible is a perfect representation of your favorite Founder and a great addition to your EXO-6 Star Trek™ 1:6-scale figure collection.

Product Size:11.5" H (292.1mm)

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